The Life and Times of…

Read two tiny books that were in grandpa’s pile to be given away. They were both part of a series called The Life and Times of… and written by someone called A. Noble. One was on J.F.K. and one was on Martin Luther King. The series seems to have a wide variety of names, and oddly includes both Anne Frank and Hitler in the list of other Life and Times titles at the back.

The books are from 1994, but still informative. I feel like I know a tiny tiny bit more about American history now. It’s a shame I haven’t seen many books like this any more; these ones are beautiful hardback books around the size of a post-it note. I’d certainly find them useful because, as I’m realising, I don’t know a thing about anything.

Noble, A. The Life and Times of Martin Luther King. London: Parragon, 1994.


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